okay. so. let’s kill hitler.

i think this episode was a mess.

the next eight hundred words are, obviously, spoileriffic. i’d put a cut in here for those of you who are overwhelmed by apathy or who haven’t seen it yet, but… read more cuts on tumblr are the bane of my existence. so feel free to just hit “j” to skip down to the next post on your dash! OKAY LET’S KILL HITLER DO THIS THANG.

the pacing, especially the first ten or fifteen minutes, was horrid. this is probably due to the fact that they decided to throw in a character who we all had to care about, and who is supposed to be very important to amy and rory, but who had never been seen nor spoken of before. which is, you know, an interesting choice.

honestly, the mel thing could have been really cool… if she’d already been an established character. unfortunately, it still probably wouldn’t have been cool, as moffat is not a very subtle person so i expect every single interaction between her and amy and rory would have been like buster and oscar bluth, but in reverse-ish.

amy: haha, mel, you’re so good at drawing! i hope if i have a daughter she is as good at drawing as you are.
mel: [looks up, stares at amy folornly; soap opera music begins playing] maybe… she… already… is……… 
amy: [nods with her eyebrows raised all scottishly and such] 

i’m hecka bored of moffat’s time loops (MELODY WAS NAMED MELODY BECAUSE YOU WERE FRIENDS WITH MELODY and RIVER ONLY BECAME RIVER BECAUSE THEY ALL MET RIVER BEFORE THEY MET RIVER (which was always basically true, but now she doesn’t even get to choose her own NAME?)).

i hate river and the doctor as a couple more and more every time it’s implied. i said “EW” very loudly and firmly when river planted her kiss of death on him. this is not because it’s gross that river kisses on people, because she should kiss on SO MANY PEOPLE, but none of them should be the doctor. because… uhm, i don’t know, my hatred has honestly gone beyond justification at this point.

i miss river of the-first-time-we-met-river fame. she came in all swaggy with her archaeologist dealio and was legitimately cool. her backstory is one of the worst things that’s ever happened to a character i love, and i am a joss whedon fan.

amy is very frustrating. i do not blame karen gillian for this at all. amy’s been written to be all “FIND MY BAYBEE, DOCTER, FIND MY BAYBEEEE”, but hasn’t yet reacted emotionally to anything involving her. daughter was goo? shit; well, let’s adventure some more. daughter’s a war criminal? oh. daughter was my conveniently placed best friend? hm ok. like, really? really? if you’re going to have a character be motivated by something, SHOW IT. SHOW THAT THEY HAVE FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS. you are being the writing and plot equivalent of someone insisting that you don’t have to get them a gift for their birthday and then giving you the silent treatment for three weeks because you showed up to the party empty-handed. YES, YOU ARE. SHHH.

river’s transformation from reckless-doctor-killing-machine to regeneration-giving-up-doctor-saving-hero was way too quick, and essentially unbelievable.

the doctor’s disdainful “plus, she’s a WOMAN” line was gross and, in my opinion, completely out-of-character.

ahem. now. uhm. good things! some things were good!

matt smith fucking blew me away! this episode completely and totally 100% cemented my belief that my discomfort with him as a doctor is in no way an issue with him, and entirely an issue with the way the writing changed as he arrived. his self-loathing sequence with the voice interface in the tardis was brilliant and heart-breaking.

that whole scene was amazing. i think my favourite thing in this entire season, perhaps even the past two seasons, is that when the doctor said, “show me someone i like,” the tardis’ first instinct was to give him rose. love that. love it love it love it holy shit love it nearly cried love it so hard. it was pretty awesome seeing some of the old companions, even just holographic versions. i would’ve liked to see the human form of the tardis make a brief appearance, but that’s a very tiny detail in an otherwise perfect thing. nom nom nom that scene.

the person spaceship with little people in it was cool, and i loved the antibodies as threats. YOU WILL FEEL A SLIGHT TINGLING SENSATION AND THEN DEATH, or whatever it was. hahahah so good. reminded me of an anti-bacterial glados, in a way. yeah?

i love rory. i love babby rory. i just love rory.

did i mention the rose being a person that the doctor likes thing? yeah? well, this paragraph is dedicated to it, too, so suck it up.

so anyway. i’ll rewatch it later and maybe my opinion will change? i kinda hope it does, because it’s not a very nice opinion, and i would really like it to be.

interested in a sort of “oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” way as to how the rest of this season is going to go and how the fuck they’re going to make things interesting while still keeping rory and amy on next year.

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  10. sententiola said: Yeah, weird and unsatisfying episode. And I’m now really unclear what the over-arching plot we’re meant to be following is. Are they still looking for baby River, or does that count as finding her? :/
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