such a super-intense dream. i had a party and no-one came then natalie stopped by and turned some sod that happens to be in my posession into a jackalope and then everyone else showed up and then some guy with a gun tried to rob the house so everyone left and then an old friend who really fucked me over showed up and i detailed every transgression he’d ever made against me and another friend AND THEN it just got silly and i went to a show he was playing and he played some song i don’t remember but it was super-relevant and some other guy had a lizard and was singing some song that was popular last summer and the lizard kept jumping on me. but jesus i’m so emotionally exhausted from the old friend part and it DIDN’T EVEN REALLY HAPPEN COME ON

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Wed May 9th 2012 at 4:19pm (2 years ago)

  1. sententiola said: Wow, your profile picture is changing rapidly! I expect when I’ve caught up to the present I’ll find you have (will have? willen haven be?) explained it all at the time. By which time it’ll have stopped changing so the explanations will seem weird.
  2. fancybidet said: Whoa! I love being in people’s dreams but this sounds intense! Ps what’s a sod and jackalope, clearly dream Natalie has skills I don’t.
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