the thing that confuses me the most is when people add capitalisation and such to one of my posts when they reblog it

like it doesn’t bug me!

i just find it really, really, really odd

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Thu March 15th 2012 at 2:52pm (2 years ago)

  1. pumpkinskull said: …yeah that is weird huh.
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    i think this is probably from the same vein as all those LOL WHAT DO BLOGGERS TALK ABOUT, THEIR SANDWICHES? jokes from a...
  3. redheadbouquet said: once a tumblr randomly told me that if i was writing a formal final paper using authors’ names&i wanted to “respect” them i should capitalize them. as if i wouldn’t anyway. i try to tone down some of my instinctual OKAYBYE here but it was difficult.
  4. stayinbedgrowyrhair said: whaaaaaaaaaa
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