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PLEASE! Don’t confuse me
I’m a girl. Don’t teach me to question if I’m a boy, transsexual, transgendered, intersexed, or two spirited

- Why are my teachers forced to teach this curriculum?
- My mommy says she is not allowed to withdraw me from class.
- Mr McQuinty, Mr. Hudak and Ms. Horwath, please tell me you will stop teachers from confusing me.

Quotes from The Toronto District School Board Curriculum - JK to grade 3
- Can A Parent Have Their Child Accommodated Out Of Human Rights Education (LGBTQ) Based On Religious Grounds? NO”
- “Should Schools Send Notes Or Permission Slips Home Before Starting any Classroom Work On LGBTQ (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual/two-spirited, queer) Issues? NO”
- “Can Teachers Seek Accommodation From Teaching Materials That May Contradict Their Religious Beliefs? NO”
- “Can Schools/Teachers Choose Not To Address Controversial Issues For Fear Of Negative Parent Response? NO”
- “Teachers are obligated to address all equity issues. Any omissions that maintain a non-inclusive curriculum and pedagogy are considered to foster a poisoned environment…”
- “Encourage girls and boys to role-play opposite roles… At times boys may play girls and rely on sexist stereotypical behaviour with which they are familiar.” Page 37 
- “Discuss ways to challenge these notions so that people have more choice in who they are and what they want to do.” Page 41

Textbook: Are You a Boy or a Girl? Toronto: Green Dragon Press
- “Read some traditional folk tales and fairy tales with the class. Have students write/illustrate their own “gender-gending” versions.” Page 44 
- “Read Gloria Goes to Gay Pride. If this storybook is not available, cut out a photo from a newspaper or magazine of the Pride PArade.” Page 56 
- “The class discusses the significance of Toronto’s annual Pride Week celebrations…” Page 53 
- “Search images of Pride Week… make posters for the TDSB float and/or school bus that are in the Pride Parade. Additionally, students could have their own Pride Parade in their school…” Page 54-56

Institute for Canadian Values. Please sign the petition at: StopCorruptingChildren.com]



This was a full page ad in the Canadian National Post.

With the Ontario Provincial Election fast approaching, many people feel that their opinion MUST be heard. That’s when private partisan ads, like these, begin to find there way in the faces of the general public. 

This, my friends; is a total disgrace. This ad is not only hugely offensive to the entire LGBTTQQ Community in an outward attack, it also bases its’ arguments on the concept that people who identify as LGBTTQQ are not real people. WHAT IS THIS!!! This is Canada we’re talking about! Yet, here we are being faced with this hideous form of discrimination. 

Also, while it does seem like an overkill to point out, I still feel this issue needs to be addressed. This ad, which is brought to us by the apparent “Institue for Canadian Values” as an attack on the Toronto District School Board, uses children as the face for this attack-ad. Not only is this strategy weak and low on their part, but it is also an opportunity to see the real character of these people. They claim that the School Board is corrupting their children, and here they are, using and corrupting their children themselves so that they can grow up to abuse the human rights of other people because they weren’t given the curriculum to understand that human rights are rights that ALL humans deserve.

To top it all off, they hide behind arguments such as religious rights/beliefs (which I would like to point out, all religions focus on the fair treatment of all individuals and their human rights) and the main argument that teaching children about all types of people is somehow harming and/or corrupting them.

My argument is this: ALL PEOPLE deserve equal human rights. This would not be an issue if the curriculum was focused on racism or ableism. Instead, because the focus is on homophobia and anti-heterocentrism, it somehow is an entirely different issue, which I argue is wrong and, in itself, abusive to human rights and the premotion of ignorance and hate.

Non-progressive ads like these are what set back any human rights activism and lead us to further abuse.

This needs to be stopped.  Anyone who actually understand their religion understands that we need to accept and love everyone.  I am hurt that this group thinks all religion people are bigots and that anyone who has “Canadian values” is a bigot. 

Tumblr, do your stuff.  That’s the executive director’s information.

Ekron Malcom

Executive Director 

Tel:             416.391.5000       EXT 344

Fax: 416-391-3969


Canada Christian College

50 Gervais Drive

Toronto, ON M3C 1Z3 

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